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Partying in Patong

Within Thailand is a surfing city known as Phuket. When the surfing is done and the vacationers are ready to party they all to flock to Patong, a beach town that has all the night life in Phuket. Famous for its night life, Patong is main the main tourist resort in Phuket. It is a 3.5 kilometer beach with numerous hotels dotted along it. With the beach running along the entire west side, the party life is located along two streets, Bangla and the beach road. All this partying happens in world class hotels, restaurants and bars.

In 2004, this party capital Asia was badly hit by the tsunami. It has recovered completely and there are no signs of that ever occurring. It receives U.S Navy soldiers regularly. During the day, one can relax on the beach under an umbrella receiving treats from vendors who will be found in the vicinity.

Lumphini Park, A Gift to Nature Lovers

Located in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, Lumphini Park offers a unique outside experience perfect for nature lovers. Lumphini Park which is named after Buddha's Village of birth stands in 142 acres. Complete with an artificial lake, Lumphini Park offers several exciting outside leisure activities such as boat rides in the swan-filled lake, a sight of the park's reptiles and beautiful sculptures as you take a stroll. For the workout fanatics the park has a fitness center and for those who prefer to keep in touch with nature during their sessions there is a two and a half kilometer track for that.

Lumphini Park's attractions are accommodating of all ages. The jungle gyms are available for the young, energetic and vibrant while the green scenery and calm waters offer serenity to the more mature crowd. Activities are not limited to execrice, strolls and boat rides as you can also choose to engage in volley ball and basketball games as well as the good old picnic in the park.

Amazing Botanical Garden For Outdoor Adventure In Thailand

Thailand is famous for its beautifully nurtured orchids worldwide. Located in Thailand’s Chonburi province is a tourist attraction with various species of flowers and plants. The vast land was originally designed for growing of fruits locally, then later changed to a garden for flowers and plants, and finally opened for the public as a tourist attraction. The 500-acre nong nooch tropical botanical garden is arguably the largest botanical garden in the wider South East Asia.

What to find at the botanical garden

The garden has over 500 species of flower orchids with numerous colours, forming a beautiful, attractive pattern of colours.

It has more than 1000 different species of palm trees, a record highest in the world.

Other than the orchids and palms are numerous cycads species and one of the largest cycad plantations in Asia and the rest of the world. Cycads, however, face extinction, and authorities at the botanical garden are putting extra efforts to diversify the species and reduce chances of extinction. The garden is home to a unique bank of Cycad genes.

Despite Thailand having a humid climate, there are desert plants like cactuses in the botanical garden. Cactuses are grown on a designated cactus garden within the botanical farm.

Heliconia and Zingiberales
These flower species are known for their bright, attractive petals. They provide a nice eye catching view when viewed from above or from an elevated point of observation.

Cultural shows
Other than conservation of plant and flower species, the botanical garden also hosts traditional and cultural shows on a daily basis. Some of the shows include Thai traditional wedding ceremonies, cultural dances, boxing shows, and sword fighting events. The cultural shows are major tourist attractions within the garden as they depict Thailand’s rich cultural endowments.

Accommodation packages are available in restaurants and hotels situated at the foot of the botanical garden. Visitors have the choice to enjoy the services at fair, customer friendly rates. In the restaurants, there are both Thai and international cuisines.

Other amenities
Other facilities available at the garden are religious ceremonies for viewing, elephant outdoor shows, botanical zoo, a swimming pool, and a classic arrangement of Thai rental houses for viewing.The nong nooch botanical garden Thailand is no doubt a tourist attraction with breathtaking activities for visitors and locals alike. It has a natural environment that reflects the true picture of nature.

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